12 Gun Folding Rack – Walnut Finish

12 Gun Folding Rack – Walnut Finish
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  • Item #: 12KD-WNT

     12 Gun Folding Rack – Walnut Finish

Beautiful folding red oak rack is perfect for displaying 12 pieces with a walnut stain and clear lacquer finish. Each rack is assembled prior to shipping and is shipped intact. To begin using you need only loosen 2 wing nuts, slide out 2 carriage bolts, swing top rest up into position, and re-install carriage bolts and wing nuts. No tools required.

This unit is perfect for taking to the shows to display your fine pieces, or to take to the camp. Overall dimensions: 36” high, 24” wide outside, and 24” front to back. Bore for barrel rest is 1 5/8” and is 32” above barrel rest.


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