36” Closet Rack – Unfinished - Classic Model

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36” Closet Rack – Unfinished

  • 36" Closet Floor Gun Rack made from unfinished red oak is sanded smooth and ready to be stained or used as is.
  • Barrel rest can easily be mounted at the height that works best for your situation and/or pieces.
  • Butts may simply rest on floor, or you can purchase a matching angled butt rest.
  • This rack is 36" wide and protrudes 3 1/4" from wall, while accommodating 4 barrels per foot in 2 1/4" openings.
  • Suitable for double barrels!
  • Rack comes with all required wall anchors, screws, and wood plugs to cover screw holes. Peel & Stick felt for barrel rests is included.

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