8 Gun Vertical Wall Mount Rack - Unfinished

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 8 Gun Vertical Wall Mount Rack ~ Unfinished

This item has often been requested, and we finally came up with a design for a wall mount vertical rack.

This rack utilizes our 8 butt rest to allow most butts to rest solidly while angling back for stability. Felt lined barrel rest is 2 1/4" wide to accommodate all styles, including double barrels.

Comes with all needed hardware and plugs for mounting. This rack is handcrafted from red oak. Unit is left unfinished and looks great as is or can be stained or painted to suit your tastes.  Item also available in walnut or golden oak finish.

Unit is 24" wide x 36" high, and projects from the wall 13".

All of our items are proudly Made In The USA!

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