Locking Glass Display Case - Walnut Finish

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Locking Wall Display Gun Case ~ Red Oak with Walnut Stain

  • Inside Measurements: 53 1/2" Long x 10 1/2" High x 3 1/2" Deep.
  • Barrel rest opening is 1 1/8" to accommodate single barrel guns. If you have a double barrel, please include a note when ordering that you would like a 2" barrel rest.
  • Comes with felt lined supports to hold displayed rifle or shotgun level, while not obstructing the visual.
  • Unit is assembled for barrel pointing right unless requested otherwise, but it is easily reversible.
  • Easily displays full size shotgun with room to spare.
  • Supports can easily be removed for displaying plates or other items.
  • Transparent acrylic is 20 times as strong as glass. Door hinges at bottom for trouble free loading.

**As we cannot know or research every gun size, please refer to the size of the display to determine if this is the appropriate size for your piece. 


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